A Guide to SEO and how it works with your website design.

An Introduction to SEO

SEO Guide - Overview

Overview of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is, as an overview or brief definition, the act of configuring a webpage and the web site architecture which that page is a part of, in such a way that a search engine such as google will rank it highly for a pre-selected target keyword or phrase, thus increasing visibility. This task is normally provided by web development agencies during the creation of a website, although some people choose to do it themselves.
If SEO is not performed on the website and incorporated into the overall design, then it is virtually guaranteed that search engines will not rank the page highly for its target search terms.

Which Tools do we use for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

What are SEO Tools and how do they work?

SEO is split into two main category of tasks, on-page SEO and off-page SEO type of work. Webmaster Tools are available online which enable the SEO agency to analyze a given page or website and see where changes and improvements can be made (with the goal of ranking higher in the SERP (search engine results pages)). Some of these SEO tools are exremely technical and can take weeks, if not months to master. This is because there are well over 200 ranking factors at play in the algorithms, and each one must be managed as accurately as possible to achieve the very best SEO results.
The onpage seo tools will look at the specific elements of a single web page such as meta description, title tags, schema markup and other areas, the off page seo tools will look at the factors which affect ranking but which are not always on the domain which the target page resides. This includes backlink analysis and link attainment.

Is SEO part of a digital marketing strategy?

Is SEO part of digital marketing?

Every website needs a digital marketing strategy. This will include facebook, pinterest, linkedin and other social media accounts for content marketing. In our view the most important area for most companies trying out their SEO in Stockport for visitors is search engine marketing using SEO as a digital marketing channel.
Although, as we say, SEO is important, attention should still be given to other areas of digital marketing and even offline efforts such as newspaper ads and maybe even TV. We think along these lines bacause with SEO there are never any guarantees that a site will rank, because google changes what it wants constantly and sites are made and destroyed overnight. At one point you could be getting thousands of clients and visitors a day through organic search traffic, the next day they could all be gone (or mostly) because of a change to the search engine algorythms.
So from our experience in the SEO industry and marketing also, we advise never to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to digital marketing. By all means focus efforts where most of the benefit may come from, but never rely on one single source of traffic if that source is a search company.

The SEO Tutorial, is it worth reading an SEO guide?

SEO tutorials can be difficult and not rewarding.

Not really. Simple as that. And the reason why so many SEO tutorials and guide pages about tools and software etc are so poor is because they are out of date and written by people who are just out to make money. But there are examples where you may do some basic seo study and it could be an advantage. It may be that you simply want to get an overview, so read a guide pitched at the level you are looking for. Doing your own SEO can sometimes work out well, but you have to understand that good SEO's have spent decades learning how SEO works. SEO tips from basic guides and tutorials are either wrong, or too complex for many people.
Also consider that search engines are not always your friend - and they employ thousands of scientists and language experts to ensure their search results are the best. It is highly unlikely that anybody with no programming / data research / web development skills can come along and rank at the top position by making changes from a quick read of an SEO tutorial they found online.

How to do SEO, How it Works

How SEO fits together and works

We can go into more detail on this topic, but SEO works in the following manner.......

    10 steps showing how SEO works to get traffic to your website
  • 1. You perform keyword research and create a website and do the SEO techniques throughout the design and the data (content)
  • 2. This website is uploaded onto a web server (site speed is important - so choose a good web server)
  • 3. You can submit it to Google using the Google Search Console or
  • 4. Get one or more links to it from other websites pages relevant to your keywords (this link building as it is known, boosts search rankings as well as crawling)
  • 5. Googlebot will visit your website via the submission or the links or both
  • 6. The search engine will then determine - from your SEO skills - what the site is about, and what the individual pages are relevent for
  • 7. Your site and its pages will be assigned a score, which determines how high it will be listed when its relevant words are searched for by users
  • 8. The pages will be entered (indexed) in the engines database
  • 9. A surfer will enter your keyword or keyphrase into the search bar with their search queries (URL address bar) or input field on the engines interface
  • 10. If your page matches the quality and relevancy required for the search entered - it will show in the listing of relevant results (the SERP) - clicked - this is known as organic traffic

Each step can be delved into in as much or as little detail as needed - in total, whilst the list is small in reality many thousands of books could be written about the topic. It's best to not make the assumption that the task is easy. In even the least competetive areas, there will be many websites all trying to rank at the top position for the terms they choose, which will be the same as your own.

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