SEO Prices and Costs

SEO prices and average costs for business marketing services

SEO pricing guideline for companies with a marketing budget

Services for search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO prices can be variable and an average is extremely difficult to attain due to the huge differences between projects and the average cost for services can be quite a distance from what you might expect. Marketing and SEO Agency details and more information.

Like with any form of marketing, companies should allocate a budget with the hope of attaining a good ROI (return on investment). Notice the word hope, there are never any guarantees with search engine optimisation that a campaign will bring a positive return.

The most variable costs are those allocated to getting backlinks. Google (for example) does not like companies who buy backlinks for boosting rank, however it is widely recognised that (at least initially) buying links is common practise to get a site moving in the search engines. The cost of a backlink for SEO is made up of locating and contacting the provider or site owner (known as research and outreach). Following this, the price of the link is dependent on a large number of factors, but the price can range from free to £2000 and over per link. The amount paid for links is dependent on the quality required in order to make a site rank highly for its search term. Even if the link was free, it can take days or even weeks of work to locate just ONE site willing to provide a link, and this work should not be ignored - time is money.

Monthly fees for the above kind of services will sometimes be applied and can vary. For instance, a link may be charged for on a monthly basis. This is an indicator of just how powerful a good link can be.

The cost of on page search optimisation in the UK

On page SEO costs are more accurately averaged

On page SEO is the easier part to cost for in the UK. The reason for this, is that the task is more or less the same for any page regardless of the level of competition. There are variations of course, if the content needed is a large word count document, or research is needed to gain some extra expertise on the subject matter then things could take a bit longer. But if you were to say an average of 10 hours per optimised page, then that would be quite close.

Our costs per page are 10 hours at £18 per hour - so £180 per page - on average.

This includes research of the topic, analysing the competition, writing the document, gathering images (these cost extra - none of them are free).

You may have heard of the SILO structure in SEO. This is where a highly relevant and detailed page is written, and this page links to sub-pages which are relevent semantically to the detailed page. These child pages do not need to be as specific as the main page, they exist only to support the main page. When developing pages like this (typically a minimum of 5 per main page) each one will take around 3 hours and therefore priced at £54 each.

Typically, you are expected to provide some information towards the content, as you are the expert in the field. From this starting point, we will do the rest.

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