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Do you sometimes find yourself looking for ways to improve your business' online visibility by promoting your business on the search engines, especially in terms of your website? If so, then Photon Flux's SEO (search engine optimization) consultancy service may be the solution you seek. By carefully optimizing your website and content for the search engines, you can often (but not always) improve the position of your web pages within the organic search results, and therefore make it much easier for potential customers to find you.

The Photon Flux SEO consulting service, in part, specializes in helping businesses grow their traffic and customer base, with a goal of succeeding online. We offer a full range of ranking factor services with a comprehensive approach to making improvements to your sites presence, and each contributes as a part of the entire process.

If after consideration, you're ready to take your business up to the next level, then we're ready to help with the search marketing. Have a read through the following though to ensure that SEO consulting is right for you.

Promoting business with consultants

1. How to improve your business' online visibility with SEO techniques

Ensuring that your site includes expertly selected relevant (and searched for by surfers) keywords and phrases, as well as providing informative, unique, accurate and keyword-rich content is an essential part of improving online rankings, and therefore visibilty in search will follow. This task is not something to be taken lightly, it is a process with techniques which have been changing and refined over 25 years!

Another popular way to improve your business' visibility is through outreach and link building on other websites. This essentially involves the seo consultancy attaining links (backlinks) for you which reside on other websites and point back to yours - this is seen as a vote of confidence, and helps to increase your website's authority and sometimes relevance in the eyes of search engine algorithms (complex programs which evaluate your web page within the context of competing pages on the web). Next in line, you can also use social media to improve visibility, this may bring in extra links from owners of domains who read your social media. The process involves creating large amounts of content and sharing it on a regular basis across such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By doing this, you will be able to reach a larger audience, although it is often argued that the readers are not always as interested as those who are actively searching for you on a search engine.

Increase online visibility with search engines

2. The clear benefits of organic search results

Natural, or organic search results are the website listings which appear on search engines after a user searches for a required keyword or specific phrase. This listing is placed on what is known as the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with other information. Unlike the paid results which might appear, which are supposed to be clearly displayed as paid advertisements, organic results are not influenced by bidding for placement within a paid advertising campaign. This fairly often means that, depending on the term searched for, they are more likely to be relevant to the user's search term, and therefore more likely to be clicked on which is the overall goal of SEO. Organic search results therefore provide your business with a valuable source of extremely highly targeted traffic. Additionally, extensive research in many studies has shown that users tend to trust organic results more than they trust paid results, we certainly do here at Photon Flux. With that in mind, you will understand that appearing in organic search results may contribute towards building trust. Credibility can also be affected, as appearing at or near the top of a SERP is a hard won prize which a business has to work for.

Organic search results offer benefits over paid results.

3. The consultancy services offered by Photon Flux

SEO Consultancy services from Photon Flux aim to improve organic search results positioning over a period of time but with long lasting effects - in other words, by using white hat methods which at the time of implementation would not get a site ejected from any given engine. Our company offers :

  • Keyword research.
  • Website structuring and silos.
  • On-page optimization.
  • Off-page optimization (link building).
  • Technical SEO expert advice.
  • User experience.
  • Examination of the marketplace.
  • Reporting of vistits and growth
  • Avoid penalties by following webmaster guidelines.
  • Help with conversion rate optimisation.
  • Possible collaboration with other specialists within the industry.
  • Methodology to identify requirements and spot any opportunity for traffic growth.
  • Google my business setup.
  • Content creation if needed.
  • SEO audits for problem sites.
  • Identify business objectives and plan an overall SEO strategy - maybe involve various 3rd party SEO consultants.
  • Present possible PPC opportunities in the UK and further afield.
  • Establish content marketing plan and see what competitors are doing.
  • Check site structure for insight into authority and topical relevance.
  • Add new areas of operation where appropriate and offer advice on location based (local search) search engine optimisation.
  • Organise the data into a strategic taxonomy for a strong topic based foundation from the start.
  • SEO copywriting outsourced may be suggested for larger projects and more complex marketing strategies.

4. How can we help your business succeed online

The world of online e-commerce is ever increasingly competitive with more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon, it is therefore more important than ever to ensure that your companies website is developed or changed in an optimised way which meets the demanding expectations of the search engines in order to get traffic. An experienced and reputable SEO consultancy can help you to succeed with this. Simply put - better and effective SEO means more customers for your business - there is no doubt about it.

Firstly, we would carry out keyword research in order to identify the most effective keywords for your website and for an SEO campaign. Effective does not always mean the most volume words - despite our ability, best practices and skills, it may not be possible for you to outrank websites which have been doing SEO on their websites for 10 years longer than you. We then incorporate these keywords and phrases into your websites textual content and sometimes images, metadata and code, helping your site to rank higher in the SERP for the carefully chosen keywords from the initial phase.

Search engines will establish the relevance and authority of your content if you have developed a strong content strategy, and list it with other relevant content if the content has been produced correctly. Once this is achieved, searchers entering your keywords and your topic will come to your pages and with a good layout and user experience, they will buy from you.

We can help your business succeed with consultancy based around Search optimisation.

5. The importance of keyword research in SEO

We cannot stress enough the importance of performing keyword research.

Detailed keyword research and analysis is an absolutely critical component of any SEO campaign strategy. Once we have an understanding of what users are searching for online, and which keywords are most relevant to your business AND the users needs, you can ensure that your content is going to be seen by the people who are looking for it. The keyword research phase will very often lead you towards identifying new opportunities for growth which have been overlooked. Sometimes you will be amazed at what your potential customers are actually searching for.

In addition to our in-house systems, there are a number of different tools and methods which can be used for keyword research, but one of the most effective is supposed to be using Google AdWords Keyword Planner - but we don't - not directly. We find other tools which sometimes use data from the likes of googles planner sometimes provide more information. You can also do your own keyword research for free, but if you contact us for a quote, we think you will find our rates favourable and we can get the ball rolling with some keyword analysis and look for some initial on page SEO possible quick wins.

Keyword Research is important for all growth.

6. On-page optimization for more effective SEO

On-page optimization and actual implementation is an essential aspect of SEO, and the knowledge needed to perform it does NOT come overnight. By optimizing your pages, you can improve the position or ranking in search results and naturally more traffic will visit your website as a direct result. There are a number of things we do in order to optimize web pages and overall web sites, including:

1. Modify the title tag - make sure the title tag contains your target keywords and phrases and very accurately summarises the content of the associated page.

2. Optimize the meta description. Not so important these days, as some expert engines do whatever they want with the description anyway - but make it relevant!

3. Use keyword-rich heading tags within the body of the pages

4. Use keyword-rich text throughout your page in places like the p tags and alt tags. Dont be tempted overdo this – it is commonly known as keyword stuffing and can harm your ranking if detected by the spiders and crawlers.

5. Optimize all images by including keywords in the file names and alt text of your images to help increase page relevance - again - dont go over the top.

On-page is very effective for optimisation

7. Link building strategies for improved SERP positioning

There are various established methods of improving your website's positioning and link building is one of them - indeed it is still thought of as one of the strongest methods which can be employed to increase rank.

One classic way to get reasonably high quality inbound links is to guest blog on other blogs within your industry, this is very difficult, because be honest, if you make a product, your industry competitor is hardly going to be enthusiastic about handing you a link. But, if you can, this will not only help you build relationships which could come in handy, but also exposes your brand to a fresh audience IF the blog you target gets any traffic of its own.

Another old but tried and tested way to get inbound links is to create infographics and other types of highly shareable content. People such as website owners are slightly more likely to link to this type of content because it is thought to be more visually appealing and easy for the reader to digest.

Social media. Sharing your content across the popular social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can help you get more backlinks from people who are interested in your content as they visited your profile.

Be aware that there various other thoughts on link building, such as anchor text variation, topical relevancy, relevancy of the linking page. Spam links are said to be ignored, but generally too many do follow links as a ratio to no follow links is thought to be a bad trust indicator by some.

Link building is great for improved serps

8. Why results matter when choosing a consultant for search engine optimization

When choosing an SEO consultant, it is important to consider their historical results. A good consultant will be able to show you a track record of success in improving their clients websites, but not always, due to confidentiality. For example, if we were to get your site high in the SERP, you may well be cautious and prefer that we do not use you as an example of our SEO prowess! What you really need to look at is how well they rank in the EXTREMELY competetive web design and SEO world. If they can do this, it will give you more confidence that they know what they're doing in principle and that they can help you achieve your goals related to your industry.

The final and ongoing results an SEO consultant delivers also matters because they can have a direct negative or positive impact on your bottom line profits. If an agency is able to increase your website's traffic and conversions, then you'll be pleased to see a direct and measurable return on your SEO investment (ROI). Choose an agency that can deliver and show results within the search marketing industry, and you'll be on your way to success with your own domain.

Results matter when choosing a consultant


SEO is a vital part of a websites marketing plan to increase visibility. It can be done over years naturally - or the organic search results can be given a small kickstart with some keyword research to get things going and the web community will do the rest. Choosing the right SEO consultancy is an important part of your process where needed, so ask for results where possible, and ask them to explain how your business can succeed online with their help with link building strategies. We are well connected to many experts and our combined tactics and marketing efforts can enhance keyword rankings across the board. So for the potential of more leads and better performance on the engines - contact us today.

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