SEO Tools for Expert Search Engine Optimisation

SEO tools used by the experts.

What are the optimisation tools?

What are SEO Tools and are they all free?

SEO tools are software which allow the expert to analyse the different signals used by a search engine to rank web pages. An SEO toolkit is built over time which includes all the tools needed for the act of search engine optimisation.
Each tool performs a specific job, although many of them are combined into one marketing software for overall site analysis.

Online Marketing Search Tools

These are software which run online over the internet to check marketing and SEO metrics

Data Testing Tool

A term used to describe a general testing kind of tool.


Extensions are added into the browser and make an SEO Toolbar.

Webmaster Console

This is now Google search console and shows statistical data provided by Google.

SERP Checker

Reads the search engine results page and finds where a page is ranking.

Backlink Checker

A backlink checker will list all the websites which are known to link to a given web page. Disavow may be used with this.

Wordpress Plugin - for example Yoast

Wordpress is a blogging platform and an SEO plugin can produce information about the blog and help write articles.

SEO kit

A complete toolkit to help with many of the common SEO tasks.

Google Analytics

Google allows website owners to look at a comprehensive set of data regarding their site using analytics - including SEO tips.

Keyword Viewing

Keywords are very important and these keyword viewing and exploring tools help the marketer locate important keywords which users are searching with.

Rank Checker

A rank checker is another way of finding where a website is ranked in the SERP.

Index Checker

Domain analysis can be viewed with an index checker which reads the number of pages indexed.

Tag Generator

HTML tags can be created with a tag generator which helps with JSON and Schema in particular.

Programs for Keyword Research.

What are SEO Tools and how do they work?

Keyword research is very important (see our basic tutorial for keyword research) and old programs like a keyword generator wont work anymore. Keyword tools do two things to help with research :-
a) They will show you how many searches are being performed from desktops and mobile each month for a keyword or key phrase.
b) They will give you more ideas and suggestions for other words to use in the article you are trying to get ranking.

Getting trend insights during analysis gives idea of what topics people are interested in and the research tool will present these as additional opportunities. Snippets of information like this are an invaluable seo resource, without them the marketer can never expect to rank for any level of competetive keywords. The search engine web crawler will look at bland pages and downgrade them.

Some seo keyword tools actually run alongside a serp checker or other web page analyzer and are free with no subscription costs meaning that lists of data can be built whilst doing other tasks. Note that keywords derived from audit tools like this are to be used as anchor text as well as onpage content. A feature of SEO which has been identified is that silo structures containing highly relevant keywords can help rank a linking page higher. So a keyword finder tool is more than just an article helper, it can even be used by marketers to structure an entire theme for a website, pre-optimising it for Google search. By this we mean development before getting backlinks.

Do I need these software utilities for search engine optimisation?

Do I need SEO tools?

If you want to perform search engine optimisation, then yes, you will need SEO software utilities. The task of the marketer trying to get higher in the SERPS is huge, especially where there is more competition. Web developers use anything they can to get an SEO advantage so they can increase their presence. An SEO toolkit is therefore essential for research when trying to beat them. Learn More about Search Engine Optimisation and contact us if you need any help.

To begin with, keywords will need to be identified, then page editors will use the data to help produce rich text and the marketing may need to include data snippets for showing at the top of the search engine in questions or other special areas. Once the website is ready more reports will be required to track the position and monitor progress of the advertising campaign. The data from the keyword planner is often used to help track results. The best tools are expensive in our opinion, but there are some great free SEO tools too. Many give them away during a brand building phase and start charging later, so new software is often worth looking into.

20 Utilities for SEO List

20 Tools used for SEO

  • AHREFS - some great free bits and a free trial.
  • SEMRush - facilities for finding out about competitors in particular but much more.
  • Keywords Everywhere - mine those keywords for free, and upgrade to get extra details.
  • CORA - give it a try for lots of correlation data.
  • Google Search Console - 100% free - googles own console telling you a little bit about your own web domains.
  • Ubersuggest - a freebie from a popular webmaster - often claimed to be an SEO expert.
  • MOZ tools - boost rankings and search visibility with a free trial.
  • Screaming Frog - a popular and powerful analyzer with many different SEO modules.
  • Xenu - gives site audits for SEO telling you what to fix.
  • HeadmasterSEO - a URL checker which reports on various performance metrics useful for SEO.
  • SEOQuake - Review all major metrics in a heartbeat - Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format.
  • SurferSEO - powerful SEO tool with a fantastic editor for building pages concerned with current google technology including entities and NLP.
  • Marketing Miner - Check search volume, keyword suggestions and product analysis.
  • Google My Business - Get free listings with googles business directory.
  • Wordtracker Scout - Huge database of keywords - one of the original SEO mastery tools.
  • Keyword Planner - check it over you may or may not be able to use it with a non-active google ads account anymore.
  • POP or Page Optimizer Pro - a superb editing tool for page creation - expertly developed.
  • Keyword Hero - generator of keywords.
  • MOZbar - A must have data tool.
  • Majestic - look out for these - they have been around for many years and offer excellent SEO services.

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