Website design choices for child care and nursery online presence.

Designs to Inspire Confidence in Parents.

Our daycare website designs are created to be visually pleasing for your potential child care customers, the childrens parents. We aim to inspire and build confidence by conveying your professionalism through bright colours, friendly graphic images and descriptive information about the services you offer. These can be early childhood education or elementary education materials and background checks and reference verification detail.

Move further down the page to read more about our web design services, and see samples of the custom daycare designs we offer and how we can support you. When ready just fill out the contact form and get in touch for an informal chat about your design requirements and we can get the ball rolling on your vision in no time.

What Will the Design of your Bespoke Daycare / Preschool Website Look Like?

The main thing about this aspect is that when creating daycare and kids preschool websites for clients, we do not use a collection of software templates already used by another organization, which are standardised format web design examples or themes, often integrated into Wordpress (as opposed to bespoke targeted ideas). They tend to look a bit samey from one site or domain to the next - even containing the same children.

With this in mind we like to ensure we add the personal touch - this includes your preschool branding or branding ideas, your photographs and colour schemes where available, contact form content can also be taylored to your needs.

When designing the website (be it a Daycare website or otherwise), we limit the amount of animation on the pages which we feel can be distracting to visitors and take away some of the professional message you are trying to convey. Having said this, the choice is yours, we can discuss amimation where you feel it will be appropriate / beneficial.

If you have a domain, we can use it - or register another if required.
Up to 5 pages of information describing your daycare center and the activities/facilities you offer + plus a "contact us" page.
Facility to edit text and day centre photos yourself (+£100) or we can make changes for you when required. Usability and user experience design included.
Your website will be designed to work on mobile phones, tablets and normal PC's. (Responsive Design)
We can use your text, photos, videos - any media you already have.
Web Hosting with up to 10 email addresses / forwarders.
Social media accounts can be linked to from your website.
Facebook share button if required, allows people to post your site to their Facebook page.
We will work with you to identify daycare, nursery, childcare, education, kindergarten, infants, childhood related keywords for Google SEO and incorporate them into the site design.
Logo design for your daycare / child development business if needed.
Zoomable Google maps plugin to help your customers find where you are.
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All of the Above for Only

£199.99 One Off Payment

£4.99 / Month Hosting

Child care websites for owners and carers.

What Features Will be Included in the Daycare Website Design We Create?

Absolutely anything you like can be included in the daycare website from the word go - or built up over time. You may provide us with your own child development media such as promotional video and features, leaflets to scan, childcare site locations (where more than one), preschools staff names if required along with positions held.

Some site owners also like to have their web designers ensure that a blog installed alongside the website - this is a separate area (but still online) where you can show your expertise, enter events, maybe advertise jobs available, kids learning activities, newsletters for parents, lunchtime food menus, new additions such as toys, climbing frames, sand pits - anything you like. This area will have special access whereby only the site owner can update the content, but visitors are welcome to surf and read it at will - it could even have a child area with information / photos for the kids!

Show important training and skills like first aid along with CPR. Drug testing should be mentioned if this is something your organization performs.

Daycare / Childcare Professional Associations, Qualifications, Licenses and Endorsements.

These might include child care and kindergarten related items such as :-
Ofstead Reports
Your Childrens Care Staff Experience (Nursery Supervisor, Nursery Nurse, Pre-School Leader, Playgroup Leader, Childminder, Nanny)
BTec Courses, City and Guilds, Early Years ....
Pacey, National Association for Family Child Care, National Day Nurseries Association ....

What are the Benefits of Owning a Website Designed for a Daycare Service Provider?

The benefits of owning your own website include credibility, ease of change of your services, sharing and passing information to your audience / customers and providing an online point of contact as well as an initial way for people to find out about your daycare service via marketing. You will also want to include parent testimonials and a photo gallery, we can add these to our content management system if needed.

Whilst you can (and should) still have a social network presence, it is always advisable to have your company set out on its own branded domain name - thus eliminating the sometimes restrictive options and choices other platforms might have in place or impose at a later date. A landing page can be created easily for marketing campaigns if you have your own domain.

Example design layout - you can choose something like this, or we can produce a user friendly design to better match your own branding and ideas. We can use stock photos or your own images.

Previous work for a daycare centre.

Examples of daycare website design content ideas you might be interested in including, these are just image ideas, if you can provide us with your own photographs from the actual location we can use these too.

Kids learning items and toys
We are daycare website designers, this is a sample choice image
Toys at the daycare centre
Playing is good for learning and creativity
Different ideas for design and play
Learning can be fun at the daycare facility
Choose a theme for the website which suits your brand image
Make new childhood friends
Image samples for the user experience of your website
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