Business Information Website Design

One Off Payment of £199.99 then Only £3.99/month Hosting!
This kind of website is designed with the goal of helping new customers find and learn about your business or service. Once they've found your website (via Google for example), new customers can make contact with you via your online contact forms or a telephone call. Online payments are not taken via this type of website.
All of the features below are included when your requirement fits this option :-
We can use your domain name if you already have one, or set up a new one if needed.
Up to 8 web pages describing your business or service.
Automatically scales to fit all mobile devices (iOS and Android phone / tablet responsive).
Your text, photographs and videos if required - we can advise on these particulars.
Up to 10 email addresses / forwarders.
Up to 4 existing social media accounts, linked to via icons on your main page.
Facebook share button.
SEO ready - using your preferred keywords, we configure your site to give it the best start in life on the Google Search Engine.
Logo design.
Zoomable Google map integration to help your customers find you.
There's always more!
The above provides an outline or starting point, it may well be that you also need some catchy page animation, a scrolling set of images within a slide show, a chat box to connect with your customers...... The list is endless, which is why we talk with you to establish the website design and content details from the outset.

Small Business e‑Commerce

One Off Payment of £199.99 (Standard Wix / Shopify Fees also apply)
Set up a wix store
Create a Shopify store online
Wix / Shopify stores can sometimes be an ideal way of getting started with a small online business, one which you run from home for example. With such a store you can easily set up and maintain your products and take online payments from customers wishing to make a purchase.
Here at Photon Flux we realise that whilst setting up a website on a service such as Wix or Shopify is far less complex than learning to write your own program code, there are still many areas of the task which may require technical attention.
Aspects you may be interested in, which we can organise for you include :-
How to take online payments.
Organising and preparing images for uploading to the website. (cropping and scaling etc.)
Configuring appropriate point of contact email addresses.
Defining the structure of your site navigation menu and product presentation.
Establish and incorporate the words people might use to try and find your store on search engines.
With the above in mind, we can take a look at what you want to achieve and advise on the most appropriate existing hosted 3rd party e-Commerce platform, taking into consideration the features you need from the outset and potential future growth.
Once We've Done Our Bit....
Once your wix / shopify store is up and running, you will take the driving seat and be able to add new products / change descriptions and prices (plus much more) at will. As items come into stock and go out of stock, you will be able to adjust your site accordingly in a matter of minutes - at this point, very little technical expertise is required.

Magento e‑Commerce Website

One Off Payment of £999.99 then £49.99/month Hosting and Maintenance.
magento websites stockport manchester
Magento is the hugely popular e-Commerce software package which allows the business owner to fully administer their online retail outlet.
We can customise the base package to your needs by way of design using themes and/or bespoke programming. Business Systems Analysis can be undertaken if required, to ensure the website processes and services match or enhance your current offline activities and methods.
The customer facing flexibility in functionality provided by Magento is almost limitless and the administration area is highly comprehensive allowing for the maintenance of periodic special offers, product option price differences, shipping and postage variants, stock management, invoicing and much more.
Your own domain for branding.
Extraordinarily comprehensive website mamagement facilities.
Highly configurable user facing cart checkout, payments and shipping criteria.
Search engine optimisation on every site page and section.
Traffic analytics and product performance statistics.
Customer accounts, customer service and order management.
Complete product management from administration to customer display layout.
There is so much more with Magento e-Commerce....
Operating a Magento solution leans towards the "upper end" of the scale in many aspects when it comes to having an online presence. For this reason we would organise meetings with you, where you can provide us with details of your business and how you envisage your web presence working for you.

Wordpress Blog Design

One Off Payment of £49.99 then £4.99/month Hosting.
We can create a wordpress blog
A blog is a type of website which allows the owner to update the content without the need for techinical intervention or any particular design skills. Blogs serve many different purposes for millions of people, they are not generally used to make sales (although there are selling facilities if needed).
Perhaps the most prolific blogging software in the world is Wordpress. It is used by millions of websites as the platform of choice for beginners and expert bloggers alike.
Some of the more well known blog sites make revenue by using affiliate programs rather than selling items directly, others are used for announcing events, maintaining an online diary, sharing your news with the world, operating a club or other social group, writing reviews etc.
Add new pages and sections to the blog as and when you need them.
Upload photographs and videos to your Wordpress Blog.
Share your blog entries with friends on social media via built in share buttons.
Make a little extra money each month with affiliation offers and promotions.
Choose from Wordpress compatible pre-designed themes / styles and plugin add ons to make your blog stand out from the crowd.
Join the wider blogging community to gain site exposure and share experiences.
Your blogging journey has just begun....
We can typically have a Wordpress blog up and running the day on which you place your order with us. Once the blog is ready, you'll be able to do all of the above, and that is just the beginning!
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