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Based in Stockport, we have been designing websites for businesses since the year 1997 and have understanding, knowledge and experience in all areas of modern web engineering design and development, ecommerce, online marketing and site promotion.

Whether this is your first online website project or you need a complete professional user interface design (UI design) / user experience design (UX design) / with search engine optimization or a re-design including a logo which people will love, our friendly web design digital agency can work with your team to get results which achieve and exceed your online goals.

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Work with Photon Flux - a Professional Digital Agency in Stockport

Our websites use creative digital layouts that work using standard markup and sometimes our proprietary agency software (menu and/or panel driven) and are as varied as the needs of our customers ideas. You can trust Photon flux to offer advice and build any kind of new website, from a Wordpress Installation to a custom designed professional business service through to full blown, strong brand identity, ecommerce sites. Our web designs are for more than just Stockport (with the River Mersey) (around 7 miles from Manchester city centre) and includes management of products and easy to use payment processing. Social media management and integration comes as standard with our web development, to help your audience spread the word with social media follow icons and a facebook page which clients can also read if you choose to go this way. This can be a useful way to promote a portfolio.

It goes without saying, all of our work is responsive often using our proprietary software, so is compatible with mobile devices as well as desktop computers and our overall web design company process ensures we stay ahead of other web designers. Our users are always happy with the outcome.

Web design is a vital aspect of any modern business, and Stockport is no exception. With a population of around 140,000 people, Stockport is home to a vibrant and dynamic business community that includes many skilled and experienced web design professionals.
In this section, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of web design in Stockport, including the services offered, the trends and challenges facing the industry, and the resources available to businesses in the area.

Web Design Services in Stockport
Web design is a competitive industry, with many companies offering a range of services to clients in various industries. These services can include website design and development, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, digital marketing campaigns and strategies, search engine optimization, and more.
Many web design companies in Stockport pride themselves on delivering high-quality, bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of their clients. They often work closely with their clients to understand their goals and objectives, and to develop tailored strategies that help them achieve their business objectives.
In addition to traditional web design services, many Stockport-based web design companies are also expanding their offerings to include mobile app development, social media management, and other digital marketing services.

Trends and Challenges in Design
As with any industry, web design is subject to a range of trends and challenges that can impact the work of web design professionals. One of the most significant trends in recent years has been the rise of responsive web design, which involves designing websites that can adapt to different screen sizes and devices.
This trend has been driven by the increasing number of people accessing the internet on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As a result, many web design companies in Stockport have prioritized mobile-friendly design and development, and have focused on creating seamless user experiences across all devices.
Another challenge facing Stockport designers is the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. As the web design industry continues to evolve, it's essential for web design professionals to stay informed about emerging trends, such as new design tools and development frameworks.

Web Resources for Stockport
The industry in Stockport is supported by a range of resources and organizations, which can provide valuable support and networking opportunities for businesses in the area.
One of the most prominent resources is the Stockport Business and Innovation Centre, which offers business support services and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups. The center provides a range of services, including mentoring, training, and access to funding.
There are also several local industry groups and meetups for web designers and developers in Stockport, such as the Stockport Digital Meetup and the Manchester WordPress User Group. These groups provide opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing ideas with other professionals in the industry.

Web design is a vital aspect of any modern business, and Stockport is home to many skilled and experienced web design professionals. Whether you are a small business looking to establish an online presence or a large corporation in need of a custom web solution, there are many skilled and experienced web design professionals in Stockport who can help you achieve your goals.
By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, and by taking advantage of the resources available in the area, businesses in Stockport can build effective and engaging online presence which will help them stand out and make their mark in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace.

Get More Clients and Increase Visitors with Our Digital Marketing.

Photon Flux delivers great branding to increase visitors get more clients using brand awareness. Real creativity and friendly Web Design services such as hosting are included with all our web development packages (You can see our web design services on Google here and here also in Stockport.). We use the latest digital technology products in our approach to website development and digital marketing project work, we make sure your build will be friendly to visitors and created so that it is compatible with mobile responsive design requirements on all devices. Getting your team more clients and seeing results by way of an increase in your products ecommerce sales is what we aim for.

Best of all and key to many customers, our modern designing skills and project management won't overstretch your budget or waste money, we can create effective bespoke systems and high impact websites built around your needs in a very short time frame - for some types of site - just a matter of days. If you aren't sure how to gather your material together for the web design, or what print / copy you might need for the website, we can help guide you with media ideas with a view to creating live customer winning displays you can be proud of.

Creative Internet Search and Designing Services

What is Search Engine Optimisation and is Being in Stockport Relevant?

A social media marketing service and digital marketing are great for traffic and leads initially. Then comes a search engine optimisation strategy, which is the process of designing and building websites in a way which gives them the perfect start in the world of the likes of Google. Then, following a proposal and your consent, we will be providing ongoing optimisation work in an attempt to make websites rise higher in the online listings or search engine rankings. People are more likely to find your site if it has higher rankings for its brand or other helpful and relevant content.

For any given web development project, we make sure the website design we create for a Stockport company (or any city or town) can be entered into a Google My Business account. This is often the first "off page" web design component we consider addressing to help websites improve their brand and logo visibility, grow traffic and grab attention.

Our web design agency works hard to ensure your new website development has a web presence which is optimised to support activities and audience locality, wherever you are based. We use google analytics to provide creative insight into your overall performance on search engines and establish points where there is room for improvement in the overall web design.

Our marketing advice is based around 20 years of experience working with more than one search engine. Honesty and transparency are key to our success and we will not oversell to win your web development. Extra areas to visit include PPC which can cost, but there are tools and platforms to help with this job and many companies market their organisations products in this way. After testing advertising examples and gaining experience through practice and following standards prices can actually fall. A web designer or web developers can help with this task.

An in House Stockport Website and Traffic Driving Company.

We find that the responsibilities within responsive web design projects and traffic driving tasks are most efficient if held by the same company or agency in house, along with graphic design, whether or not the search engines are, or are not region related. Designers and technical website ranking experts are often at odds with each other when discussing search engines and designs, unless they fully communicate at every stage during the development / create process. Website designers will want to work on a user friendly customer experience but the search engine optimisation will often give priority to other, unrelated to web design stockport aspects. For example, a page designer may want to show graphic images for branding and video of the business and brand, but a technical search person will need to focus more on the creative text content when developing search marketing solutions. Combining the two elements is an approach which ensures your website is designed with both needs equally supported. The web developer will determine what is possible and some of what is not.

If you have a logo we can scan, that's great - but if not - we can work with your ideas for logo designs and our basic logo creation is free and we take pride in what we make!

Hosting and Email

Fast Domain Hosting, Reliable Email Solutions.

In our view, having a slow web design is one of the best ways to guarantee visitors won't contact you via email or any other way, and this can harm your brands position. Our domain hosting solutions ensure reliable high speed delivery of pages, whether your visitors come from nearby Manchester or the other side of the world. Improve your performance by having fast and reliable hosting as this can help to make or break a website. Not all Stockport web designers provide same day in house user support contact - we do!

Additionally, you can have multiple addresses with web design Stockport in mind and connect these with existing an existing team email address (or multiple) if needs be, and a contact form can process and send messages to any of these. Did you know that as well as the Stockport Viaduct the cheshire town is also known for its hemp and rope, as well as computer services!

Free Wordpress Blog for All Projects Created by Photon Flux.

Whilst not every company needs a blogging platform, we feel they are a useful free addition to many projects we deliver. Some agencies provide a Wordpress CMS as a web design service extra, they may even have created the site using Wordpress as their base, but here at Photon Flux we are happy to throw a blog in for free where needed, we just add it to the menu at the top. An example of ideal use would be to build your own company portfolio over time, without the need for our support or intervention, this enables you to target new customers with specific topics covered by your expertise and experience.

Some projects actually require a blog or at the very least it is recommended, often for web accessibility features which are included for the user experience. Consider a website where the main content is based around an online catalogue. It can be extremely useful to allow the site owner to publish media (such as video) and news about new items (even offering basic ecommerce) and boost the strength of their selling pages by linking back to the actual product from an article. Creating a sales funnel implemented on the blog allows the offering of different routes for making contact. We also include the logo on this section to maintain branding consistency. Another example could be a local site about Salford, events and businesses around the Salford area could be listed at will if you choose to do so and it makes a great addition to existing social media activities. Basically, if you've been looking for Stockport website design - make contact with us.

Stockport Freelance Designer and Systems Programmer

What Kind of Freelance Work do we Accept?

For fixed term contract systems programmer / Stockport / North West freelance work, Photon Flux's website designer can take onboard many kinds of web development projects within a range of technical areas encompassed by our website design services when creating an online presence. These include PHP backend systems process programming, updates, payments processing with paypal for ecommerce websites, server-side data analysis and database setup and maintenance, front end user interfaces and a content management system for an enhanced user experience (Javascript / Bootstrap / Vanilla CSS) graphic design and other web development experience. With over 30 years of industrial programming experience, we can consider just about any technical challenge and will accept work on completion of evaluation of the project requirements.

Mobile Responsive Websites

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Mobile responsive design means that every website we create is designed to display perfectly across all available mobile devices. This means that a website is easily readable and useable by customers whether they are viewing it on a full sized widescreen desktop PC or Apple, or if they are using it on a small tablet or mobile phone. Using the latest mobile design technology for our Stockport web design, the pages will scale themselves automatically to fit the size of the screen / viewport available to them. Get in touch for a chat to learn more.

For Local Small Business.

Small Business Websites.

Small to medium business needs and requirements are often different from the needs of larger businesses - whether in local in Stockport or wider afield. This can cause concern where costs are a limiting factor in making the right choice when it comes to getting the best web design in Manchester for your particular build. Our websites start at only £150 pounds and once the work has been done, there is a tiny fee of £3.99 a month for hosting and support. With costs as low as this, there is very little reason why your company should fall behind online. If you feel you have been over quoted by another company, then give us a call and we will provide a quote for your company with no obligation, and no charge.

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